Personal Training

  • Personal Training Pricing
    1 $28 $35
    3 $69 $88
    8 $172 $215
    16 $340 $425
  • How to Sign Up

    When you're ready to sign up for personal training sessions fill out and return the Personal Training Packet to the Rec Sports Member Services desk. Packets can also be picked up at the Member Services desk. Each session is one hour, with unused sessions expiring one year from the date of purchase.
    Personal Training sessions are available to Rec Center members only.

    Personal Training Packet

  • Fitness Assessments
    Fitness assessments provide information needed to develop reasonable and attainable fitness goals. The results of a fitness assessment can provide you with information useful in making possible lifestyle decisions. Personal trainers conduct a variety of assessments to measure blood pressure, height, weight, body composition, cardiorespiratory fitness, flexibility, and strength to help establish your current overall fitness level and a starting point for your fitness path.
    Fitness Assessments are free with the purchase of 1 or more personal training sessions (for new clients only).
  • Body Composition Testing

    Body fat percentage is a leading indicator of fitness level and disease risk. During this screening a caliper is used to measure the thickness of skinfold at three sites on the body and is used to determine your body fat measurement. To sign up for a body composition screening fill out and return the Body Composition Packet to the Member Services desk at the Rec Center. Packets can also be picked up at the Member Services desk. On the day of your screening be sure to wear comfortable clothing.
    Body Composition testing is available to students and Rec Center members only for $5.

    Body Composition Packet

  • Personal Trainer Bios