Sport Club Executive Board

sport club board members posing

The Sport Club Executive Board consists of five student members and may have additional non-voting members. Members are elected by their peers and serve as a liaison between the Sport Club Council and the Sport Club staff, assist with select operations of the Sport Club program, plan Sport Club events throughout the year, and assist with the budget allocation process.

2019-2020 Executive Board Members

Tiffany Miller
Club: Fencing
Major: M.S. in Health Services Administration, specialization in Rehabilitation Services
Favorite Club Moment: I love meeting and learning about all the new potential members the first few weeks of school!
Favorite Sports Team: USA Fencing Women's Foil Team

Gwen Murphy
Club: Archery
Major: Integrative Studies, with a Marketing minor
Favorite Club Moment: Watching people's eyes light up for the first time after I help them pop a balloon.
Favorite Sports Team: San Antonio Spurs!

Anna San Miguel
Club: Running
Major: Recreational Event and Sports Management with a minor in Public Relations
Favorite Club Moment: When we went to Oklahoma City in the Spring of 2018 to run the OKC half marathon. It was such a fun time the whole team got to bond together and more importantly we were all accomplishing such a big race, so it was a very memorable trip!
Favorite Sports Team: North Texas Football, Go Mean Green!

Becca Summer
Club: Equestrian
Major: Fashion Design 
Favorite Club Moment: When everyone is helping at the horse shows and we turn an individual sport into a team sport!
Favorite Sports Team: USA Olympic Equestrian Team

2019-2020 Executive Board Non-Voting Members

Stephen Hidalgo
Club: Running
Major: BBA in Marketing
Favorite Club Moment: Taking the club to the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon in April of 2018. There were about 20 of us that went and it was a very fun trip to bond and get closer to one another. Also seeing everyone’s hard work from a semester of training pay off as they crossed the finish line.
Favorite Sports Team: Anything and everything #ROLLTIDE! I love Alabama football, soccer, track, anything that has crimson on it. They have such great spirit towards their teams and they are always winning!

Rita Katanjian
Club: Equestrian
Major: Biology
Favorite Club Moment: I always love going to competitions with my team #teamdadeve
Favorite Sports Team: Equestrian