Sport Club Executive Board

The Sport Club Executive Board consists of five student members and may have additional non-voting members. Members are elected by their peers and serve as a liaison between the Sport Club Council and the Sport Club staff, assist with select operations of the Sport Club program, plan Sport Club events throughout the year, and assist with the budget allocation process.

2022-2023 Executive Board

Hunter Gibson

Club: Climbing 
Major: Marketing 
Favorite Club Memory: Sleeping on the couch before finals at the Baylor competition. 
Favorite Sports Team: The USA Climbing Team

Kara Hitchcock

Club: Women’s Rugby
Major: Entrepreneurship 
Favorite Club Memory: When the team went to the Mac-a-Roni restaurant in Waco. 
Favorite Sports Team: USA Women's Eagles 

rita katanjian

Rita Katanjian

Club: Equestrian  
Major: Communication Design  
Favorite Club Memory: I don’t have a single moment but I love going to regionals and watch all my friends hard work pay off!
Favorite Sports Team: NetJets U.S. Jumping Team

scott leek

Scott Leek

Club: Esports  
Major: Accounting and Auditing BS/MS
Favorite Club Memory: My best memory in our clubs must be the launching days of Valorant, where only a select few of us had access to the beta keys for the game. We anticipated this game so much that I founded the UNT Valorant club with my close friend Bradley Duncan a month before launch day. The experience of a game that satisfied our hunger for a new take on a tactical competitive shooter, similar to our experiences in CS:GO, was exhilarating. Combined with the timing of lockdowns and COVID, we had all the time in the world to frag.  
Favorite Sports Team: Team Liquid for their 2019 Summer Grand Slam run.  

Victoria Williams

Club: Archery 
Major:  B.A.A.S, Specializing in Cultural Anthropology   
Favorite Club Memory:  Leading our team to the USA Archery Collegiate Nationals at Texas A&M! I loved getting to coach, shoot next to, and cheer on my incredible archers and friends. We took home several national placements that year, I was incredibly proud!
Favorite Sports Team: The United States (Olympic) Archery Team; Women's Compound