Sport Club Executive Board

Hunter Gibson

Club: Climbing 
Major: Marketing 
Favorite Club Memory: Sleeping on the couch before finals at the Baylor competition. 
Favorite Sports Team: The USA Climbing Team

Kara Hitchcock

Club: Women’s Rugby
Major: Entrepreneurship 
Favorite Club Memory: When the team went to the Mac-a-Roni restaurant in Waco. 
Favorite Sports Team: USA Women's Eagles 

rita katanjian

Rita Katanjian

Club: Equestrian  
Major: Communication Design  
Favorite Club Memory: I don’t have a single moment but I love going to regionals and watch all my friends hard work pay off!
Favorite Sports Team: NetJets U.S. Jumping Team

scott leek

Scott Leek

Club: Esports  
Major: Accounting and Auditing BS/MS
Favorite Club Memory: My best memory in our clubs must be the launching days of Valorant, where only a select few of us had access to the beta keys for the game. We anticipated this game so much that I founded the UNT Valorant club with my close friend Bradley Duncan a month before launch day. The experience of a game that satisfied our hunger for a new take on a tactical competitive shooter, similar to our experiences in CS:GO, was exhilarating. Combined with the timing of lockdowns and COVID, we had all the time in the world to frag.  
Favorite Sports Team: Team Liquid for their 2019 Summer Grand Slam run.  

Victoria Williams

Club: Archery 
Major:  B.A.A.S, Specializing in Cultural Anthropology   
Favorite Club Memory:  Leading our team to the USA Archery Collegiate Nationals at Texas A&M! I loved getting to coach, shoot next to, and cheer on my incredible archers and friends. We took home several national placements that year, I was incredibly proud!
Favorite Sports Team: The United States (Olympic) Archery Team; Women's Compound