Upper Body Strength 3

Instructions: Find a space that is clear in front, behind, and to each side of you to avoid injury. Perform a warm-up (such as the one listed below) that consists of an activity that increases your heart rate and moves your joints through a moderate to large range of motion.

Workout: Complete each exercise for 10-12 reps followed by 15-60 seconds of rest. Repeat the workout for 3-5 sets. It is encouraged that you modify each exercise to a version that is best for you.


Torso Rotations female demonstrating torso rotations Pelvic Stretch female demonstrating pelvic stretch
Arm Circles female demonstrating arm circles Heel Reach to Overhead female demonstrating heel reach to overhead





Plank Shoulder Taps
(10-12 repetitions)

man demonstrating plank shoulder tap

man demonstrating modified plank shoulder taps

Diamond Push Ups
(10-12 repetitions)

man demonstrating diamond push up

man demonstrating modified diamond push up

Triceps Dips
(10-12 repetitions)

man demonstrating triceps dips

man demonstrating modified triceps dips

Bicep Curls
(10-12 repetitions)

man demonstrating bicep curls

man demonstrating modified biceps curls

Shoulder Press
(10-12 repetitions)

man demonstrating shoulder press

man demonstrating modified shoulder press

Rest for 15-60 seconds as needed before beginning next set.
Repeat entire workout for 3-5 sets. Modify exercises, rests, and sets as needed.



Heel to Glute female demonstrating heel to glute Knee to Chest female demonstrating knee to chest
Link & Lift Hands Behind Back female demonstrating linked hands lifted behind back Arm Behind Head Stretch female demonstrating arm behind head stretch