Towel Strength

Instructions: Find a space that is clear in front, behind, and to each side of you to avoid injury. Perform a warm-up (such as the one listed below) that consists of an activity that increases your heart rate and moves your joints through a moderate to large range of motion.

Workout: Complete each exercise in the warm-up for 30 seconds prior to starting the workout. Perform each exercise for 40 seconds followed by 20 seconds of rest. Repeat the workout for 3-4 sets. It is encouraged that you modify each exercise to a version that is best for you.


Inch Worm female demonstrating inchworm Jog in Place female demonstrating jog in place
Arm Circles female demonstrating arm circles Squat, Lateral Reach female demonstrating squat with lateral reach





Squat, Abductor Pull In

woman demonstrating squat abductor

woman demonstrating modified squat abductor pull in

Glute Bridge, Walk Out

woman demonstrating glute bridge walk out

woman demonstrating modified glute bridge walk out

Kneeling Plank, Push/Pull

woman demonstrating kneeling plank push pull

woman demonstrating modified kneeling plank push pull

Sliding Reverse Lunge, Side Lunge

woman demonstrating sliding reverse lunge side lunge

woman demonstrating modified sliding reverse lunge side lunge



Side Stretch female demonstrating side stretch with arm extension Glute Stretch female demonstrating glute stretch seated with knee up and opposite leg crossed
Hamstring Stretch female demonstrating hamstring stretch seated with legs straight reaching for toes Upper Body Stretch female demonstrating upper body stretch on knees leaning forward with hands on incline