Sprint Intervals

Instructions: Find a safe area to run with smooth ground and no traffic to help avoid injury. Perform the warm-up, workout, and cool-down at an intensity that is best for you.

Workout: Perform the first workout set for a total of 6 sets, followed by the second workout set for a total of 6 sets (12 sets total).


Begin the warm-up by walking briskly for 10 minutes.

Then perform each of the following dynamic moves for 15-20 yards:

Straight Leg Kick male demonstrating straight leg kicks while walking Walking Hamstring Stretch male demonstrating walking hamstring stretch
Butt Kicks male demonstrating butt kicks warmup High Knees male demonstrating high knee warmup jog



SET ONE (repeat 6 times)

Sprint for 60 seconds

Jog for 60 seconds

SET TWO (repeat 6 times)

Sprint for 30 seconds

Jog for 30 seconds



Begin the cool-down by walking or jogging at an easy effort for 10 minutes.

Then perform the following static stretches for 30 seconds each and repeat (2 sets total):

Quad Stretch male demonstrating quad stretch Hamstring Stretch male demonstrating hamstring stretch
Calf Stretch male demonstrating calf stretch Hip Flexor Stretch male demonstrating hip flexor stretch