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Fitness Workout Plan of the Week

We hope to encourage you to stay healthy by providing a variety of workouts each week that meet the recommended guidelines for physical activity. The weekly plan includes a recommended daily activity, including a "Workout of the Week" with instructions, demonstrations, and modifications, for the exercise.

August 3 - 9 | Cardio & Legs 

Fitness Virtual Group Exercise Classes

Join us online as our instructors take you through a group ex class in real time. Please be sure to take the quick survey to give us your feedback on our new virtual classes!

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  • GX Class Descriptions

    A total body workout focused on sculpting major muscle groups through cardiovascular, strength training, and flexibility exercises. This class will burn calories, increase flexibility, and tone muscles.

    Dance Choreo
    This dance class will focus on breaking down and learning the choreography to a new song each week.

    Family Fun Class
    Take a mid-morning movement break. No matter your age or fitness level, this family friendly activity class is right for you.

    Hard Core
    This class incorporates exercises targeting your glutes, abdominals, obliques, and back to help build a stronger core.

    High intensity interval training focused on short, intense activity bursts followed by brief recovery periods.

    HIIT Boxing
    A mixed martial arts-inspired, total body workout using core conditioning combinations, bodyweight moves, and cardio spikes.

    A high energy workout packed with bodyweight strength moves, cardio drills, and plyometrics targeting your entire body.

    Lower Body Strength
    This class will target your glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves using all body weight exercises for a great lower body workout.

    Rise & Grind
    Start your day with a full body workout incorporating strength, core and cardio intervals done with body weight and/or household items.

    A high-rep strength endurance class with movements done to the music.

    Slow Flow Yoga
    Beginner guided flows at a slower pace.

    Strength Circuit
    An all strength, no cardio workout that uses timed intervals to strengthen all muscles with dumbbells, gliders, stability balls, and other equipment.

    Upper Body Strength
    This class will target your arms, chest and back using all body weight exercises for a great upper body workout.

    Vinyasa Flow Yoga
    Intermediate guided flows at an accelerated pace.

    Yoga Strength
    This vinyasa style class will focus on building strength and flexibility while aligning movement with breath.

    This class features rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats to really get your energy levels soaring!

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Outdoor Virtual Sessions and Resource Videos

From live hosted Q&A sessions on a variety of outdoor topics to videos exploring outdoor skills, cooking recipes, camp games, and even a fun and informative video series about a variety of common outdoor experiences (Moments with Meg) - we've got you covered. Learn new knots, identify common wildflowers now in bloom, or get your questions answered by our Outdoor Pursuits staff by checking out these videos and Zoom sessions to keep your outdoor exploration thriving!

Outdoor Virtual Resources

Additional Online Resources

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A growing, work in progress, library of workout videos and other fun things (@untrecsports)

Matrix Fitness Exercise Library
Free video library with a variety of exercises

Down Dog
Free workout app when signing up with your UNT email

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Nike Training Club
Free workouts with additional paid options

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