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All positions that we are currently hiring can be found online through the UNT Handshake portal.

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Jobs at the Rec

Responsible for the security and safety prevention of the aquatic facility by enforcing pool rules and responding to emergencies. Must be proficient in swimming capabilities and calm under pressure. American Red Cross Lifeguarding with CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers and First Aid certification is preferable but can certify on site.

Water Safety Instructor
Responsible for teaching both group and private lessons for ages 9 months and up. American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor certification is preferable but can certify on site. Must have a strong swimming foundation.

Social Media Manager
The Social Media Manager helps promote and share the accomplishments of our talented Mean Green Esports teams to our community! This position oversees the overall content creation, engagement, and promotional strategy of the program's social media accounts and coordinates with other departments, teams, and facilities to produce high quality social content.

Rocket League Player Manager
Player Managers at UNT Esports are the heroes behind each successful team. The UNT Esports Rocket League Player Manager is responsible for the competitive support of their assigned team and empowering them towards success. This position is perfect for a high skilled player in Rocket League, or someone looking to apply their related education to esports as a potential job prospect in the future.

Broadcast Media Manager
The Broadcast Media Manager oversees the overall production and design of the UNT Esports broadcast operations. The Broadcast Media Manager coordinates with other departments, esport teams, and manages volunteers to put on the production of broadcasts on This position is crucial for the exposure and visibility of the esport teams for UNT and great for streaming experts or broadcast focused students at UNT.

Video Content Creator
The Video Content Creator oversees the overall production and design of the UNT Esports video operations for social, web and streaming applications. The Video Content Creator coordinates with other departments, esport teams, and facilities to capture, edit, and produce high quality video content for our Mean Green fans and community.

Group Exercise Instructor
Instructor responsibilities include but are not limited to planning and leading patrons in safe, comprehensive and fun group exercise classes in a variety of formats. A group exercise certification in/related to the format being taught is required within 6 months of hire date. Experience preferred.

Personal Trainer
Trainer responsibilities include but are not limited to conducting thorough fitness consultations, assessing client needs/abilities, creating individualized workout programs for clients and participating in other fitness programs and small group trainings. A personal training certification from a nationally recognized certifying body is required prior to hire. Experience preferred.

Weight Room Supervisor
Workers in this position are responsible for monitoring participants and enforcing policies in all fitness areas, cleaning and inspecting equipment, and providing a safe environment for all participants. This is an entry level position open to both work study and non-work study students, which does not require previous related experience.

Member Services Staff
Workers in this position maintain participant access to the facility, manage the check-out/check-in of equipment, handle sales, questions and phone calls at the member services desk, and maintain the cleanliness of the facility. This is an entry level position, open to both work study and non-work study students, which does not require previous related experience.

Intramural Sports Official
Basic knowledge of sport, ability to apply conflict resolution practices, previous officiating preferred but not required. Skills will be taught at a clinic/clinics prior to every sport. Applicants are selected based on a demonstrated ability to officiate the sport. Apply online prior to clinic start dates. Attendance is preferred at all clinics. The final clinic date serves as an interview for anyone wanting to become an official and must be attended in order to be considered for the position.

Spring 2024 Officials Clinic Dates
Basketball January 22 - 24 | P.E.B. | All clinics begin 7:00pm
Softball February 26 - 28 | IM Complex | All clinics begin 7:00pm

Graphic Designer
Rec Sports graphic designers help tell our story through design by creating a variety of print, digital, web, and social media content for all program areas within Rec Sports. A fantastic position for Com. Design majors or anyone looking to grow their practical experience alongside their academic knowledge. Regardless of major, this position must have a confident grasp of Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.

Web Designer
Our web designers are responsible for overseeing, updating, and creating content primarily on the Rec Sports website, but may also assist with content for all Rec Sports social media platforms. Incorporating elements of both UI and UX design (with a focus on web and graphic design) this position is also responsible for designing innovative web layouts and elements for production, content editing and updating, and photo/video editing and rendering specifically for web and social media sites. Previous experience with web design preferred but not required.

Photo/Video Producer
This position is responsible for telling the Rec Sports and Rec Center story through video and photography. Our photo/video producers capture and edit video, clean/mix sound, ensure accessibility compliance (music licensing and subtitling), and develop a variety of photo/video projects for our website and social media platforms. A solid background with DSLR cameras and Adobe Premiere and After Effects is necessary.

Social Media Manager
Social Media Managers oversee the Rec Sports social media sites including designing and creating a variety of content, spearheading promotional campaigns, and regular communication and engagement through our social platforms. They also assist with the creation and documentation of various Rec Sports programs and events through social media, photos, and video.

Outdoor Pursuits Attendant
Assist patrons with instruction and supervision at the climbing wall. Distribute and assist with set up and take down of ropes at the climbing wall. Rent, checkout and maintain outdoor equipment. Register participants for trips and clinics. Handle cash and assist with emergencies. This is an entry level position, open to both work study and non-work study students, which does not require previous related experience.

Sport Club Program Assistant
This position will assist with the organization and administration of the Sport Club program and may include processing Sport Club travel paperwork, UNT P-cards, requisitions and reports, and assist club leaders with the operation of their clubs by providing excellent customer service.