core values staff shirt

Mission Statement

We strive to provide the kind of recreational experiences that not only support the wellness of the UNT community, but inspire it.

Core Values

We believe these core values define who we are. Referencing this guide in everything we do maps our path to providing exceptional experiences for staff and patrons and keeps us accountable to our fundamental values.
Walk it. Talk it. Live it.

  • Wellness

    Mind, Body, and Spirit
    Do my interactions promote well-being?

  • Development

    Growth and Opportunity
    Am I a catalyst for progress and change?

  • Service

    Powerful, Personal, and Present
    Can I proudly stand behind the service I am providing?

  • Belonging

    Community and Family
    How am I fostering a sense of home?

  • Care

    Ownership, Integrity, and Pride
    Is my passion unmistakable?