Sport Clubs

A sport club is a recognized student organization, approved by the Director of Recreational Sports, Assistant Director of Sport Clubs and the Sport Club Council. A Sport Club provides instructional, recreational, and competitive programming in sporting related activities for students. Activities for the clubs include practice sessions on campus and competitions against similar groups from other universities. Competitive activities are the main emphasis of the clubs; however, meetings and social functions are also held for members. The Rec Sports Office provides administrative support for the clubs and assists in scheduling areas and facilities for club meetings, practices and games. Partial funding for travel, competition and equipment purchases is also provided. Scholarships are not awarded for sport club participation. The Rec Sports Office provides encouragement, guidance and supervision for existing clubs and those interested in organizing a Sport Club.

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Sara Salvati (Women's Lacrosse) 

Stephen Hidalgo (Running)

Ben Dufour (Disc Golf)

Tiffany Miller (Fencing)

Breeland Lawson (Equestrian)

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