Free Clinics

kayak clinic picture


  • Backcountry Problem Solving
    7:00pm | August 15
    Learn how to handle injury, cold, discomfort, and other common problems that may arise on your adventures into the wilderness.
  • Climbing Drills and Training Methods
    8:15pm | September 26
    If you want to become a better rock climber but are stuck on what to do, this clinic goes through tried and tested methods of training that will help you improve your climbing strength.
  • Bike Maintenance and Skills
    7:00pm | October 10
    This clinic will go over simple bike maintenance and checks that should happen before every ride while incorporating skills and tips to keep you safe while riding through the city. Don’t forget your bike because you won’t want to miss a thing!
  • Primitive Shelter Building
    6:30pm | October 21
    Learn various ways to build a shelter and the basic setup of a primitive camp to help keep you warm and dry in the face of adversity.
  • Kayaking Basics
    6:30pm | November 14
    This fun introductory clinic covers basic strokes, wet exits, and more. Bring your swimsuit and get ready to practice your new skills in the UNT pool!
  • Stargazing
    7:00pm | November 26
    Winter is one of the best seasons to view the stars, so bring a blanket and be ready to hear the mythology behind Orion, Taurus, Gemini, and other famous constellations!
  • Camp Cooking
    6:30pm | December 2
    It’s time to get creative with your camp cooking! Why settle for granola and PB&J when there is a world of flavors to enjoy? This clinic will provide you not only with info you need to improve your camp meals, but will also provide some tasty samples!