Group Exercise


We are proudly committed to the health and well-being of our Rec Center family and UNT community. As we navigate reopening and determine the safest way to phase in additional programs and events we ask for your patience. Each of us will play an important role in keeping the Rec Center a safe place for us all. Please check back with us regularly by visiting


  • Virtual Group Ex Classes

    Join us online as our instructors take you through a group ex class in real time. All classes are FREE! Please be sure to take the quick survey to give us your feedback on our virtual classes!

    Participants are required to register for the group exercise class they want to attend via our UNT Rec Sports app or the Rec Sports portal in order to receive the link to join the class.

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  • GX Class Descriptions

    Body Weight Strength  NEW!
    No equipment, no problem. This high-energy body weight training session will work your full body and will include a mix of upper and lower body strength training.

    A total body workout focused on sculpting major muscle groups through cardiovascular, strength training, and flexibility exercises. This class will burn calories, increase flexibility, and tone muscles.

    Dance Choreo
    This dance class will focus on breaking down and learning the choreography to a new song each week.

    Full Body Strength  NEW!
    Short on time? Work all muscle groups through a variety of strength exercises in this 30 minute class.

    Hard Core
    This class incorporates exercises targeting your glutes, abdominals, obliques, and back to help build a stronger core.

    High intensity interval training focused on short, intense activity bursts followed by brief recovery periods.

    HIIT Boxing
    A mixed martial arts-inspired, total body workout using core conditioning combinations, bodyweight moves, and cardio spikes.

    A high energy workout packed with bodyweight strength moves, cardio drills, and plyometrics targeting your entire body.

    Move & Meditate  NEW!
    Move through gentle yoga poses and breathwork to prepare the body and mind for a short, seated meditation. A consistent meditation practice helps allow one to experience equanimity in everyday life.

    Mat-work based class focusing on core integration, body control, and proper alignment.

    A high-rep strength endurance class with movements done to the music.

    Slow Flow Yoga
    Beginner guided flows at a slower pace.

    Target Yoga  NEW!
    Target yoga will be a quick flow with a specific theme each week: focusing on a certain yoga pose, sport or target goals for life. All levels welcome.

    Vinyasa Flow Yoga
    Intermediate guided flows at an accelerated pace.

    This class features rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats to really get your energy levels soaring!

  • General Information
    The Rec Center offers a variety of group exercise formats to provide you with the opportunity for great workouts led by experienced and certified instructors. These classes can help tone your major muscles, improve cardiovascular endurance, and increase flexibility in a motivating, fun, and challenging format for all fitness levels. Participants should plan to arrive early before each class and sign in upstairs inside the group exercise studios. Classes are subject to change or cancellation due to low participation, must have a minimum of 2 participants, and participants must be at least 16 years old. 

    Classroom doors will be locked when the class is scheduled to begin and no entrance will be permitted after the class has started.