Fitness Events



  • How to Gym for Beginners
    9:00am-10:00am | August 22; September 6; September 7 | FREE!
    An informal overview covering the basics of everything “Rec” from where to go when you first arrive to finding the locker rooms, pools, and group ex rooms. Personal trainers will also help you feel more comfortable and confident with weight room equipment, what it’s for, and how to use it, and more. Call Rec Sports with your name and ID number to reserve your spot at (940) 565-2275.
  • Group Ex Challenge
    September 1 - November 30 | FREE!
    This challenge will require dedication and will push you to stay active! Register for the challenge with your instructor and attend at least 40 group exercise classes from September through November to receive your prize!
  • Yoga Workshop: Beginner Yoga
    4:00pm-5:00pm | September 10 | FREE!
    A slower-paced class for those new to yoga that focuses on foundational poses and proper breathing.
  • Creating Workouts 101
    7:00pm-8:30pm | September 25 | FREE!
    New to working out or in need of some workout advice? Our personal trainers will provide you with tips on creating workouts based on general workout guidelines.
  • Yoga Workshop: Partner Yoga
    4:00pm-5:15pm | October 8 | FREE!
    A fun way to exercise and connect with others. Bring a friend or meet someone new at the workshop!
  • Pilates Movement Principles
    7:00pm-8:00pm | October 16 | FREE!
    Gain a foundational understanding of the body in motion and how to use it to improve daily life! Explore and establish proper movement techniques such as stability, mobility, strength, and core integration.
  • Glow Rider
    8:00pm-8:30pm; 8:45pm-9:15pm; 9:30pm-10:00pm | October 29 | FREE!
    It's gonna be lit! Join us for an outdoor, high-energy cycle class that will leave you sweaty and exhilarated! Riders will receive glow necklaces and bracelets to light the way through the workout. Reserve your spot at the member services desk and don't forget to wear your bright gear!
    Register by October 28 at the Member Services desk
  • Yoga Workshop: Chakra Yoga
    4:00pmk-5:00pm | November 12 | FREE!
    Using asanas, meditation, breathing exercises and mantra chanting you'll leave feeling refreshed and energized.
  • Yoga Workshop: Stress Relief Yoga
    4:00pm-5:00pm | December 3 | FREE!
    We'll lead you through poses to help release tension and leave you relaxed and ready to conquer finals!