Free Clinics

Not ready for a trip, but want to learn more about the outdoors? Free clinics are the perfect place to begin! These specialty clinics and skill workshops are offered to provide on-site instruction in the fundamental skills necessary for safety and fun in the outdoors. Each clinic usually lasts one hour and helps to prepare, educate and inform participants on a wide variety of subjects. All clinics are FREE but must have registered participants to be conducted.

Register at the Outdoor Pursuits Center by 4pm Monday the week of the clinic date. Clinics are open to UNT students, faculty and staff, Rec. Center members and their guests.

Star Gazing

Winter is one of the best seasons to view the stars, so bring a warm blanket and be ready to hear the mythology behind Orion, Taurus, Gemini, and other famous constellations!
Thursday  |  February 15  |  7:30pm  |  FREE

All About Campfires

Campfires are one of the best parts of camping! This fun clinic teaches the basics of fire starting including structures, techniques, and safety.
Tuesday  |  February 27  |  5:00pm  |  FREE

Bike Maintenance Workshop

Bing your bike into the OPC for a 2 hour hands-on workshop to learn the basics of bike maintenance and repair. We will demonstrate skills ranging from degreasing your chain, to fixing a flat, and suggestions on what to carry in your personal bicycle tool box!
Wednesday  |  March 21  |  6:30pm  |  FREE

Climbing Drills and Training Methods

Do you want to become a better rock climber but don’t know where to start? This clinic goes through tried and tested methods of training that will help you improve your climbing strength.
Monday  |  March 26  |  8:15pm  |  FREE

Outdoor Photography Tips

Do you look back on photos from your last trip and frown at the shadow cast over the faces of your friends? Or shed a tear for the blurry close up flower picture you knew for sure was going to be Instagram worthy? Well fret no more! Our clinic will teach you tips and tricks on how to take top quality photos with just a cell phone!
Tuesday  |  April 3  |  5:00pm  |  FREE

Climbing and Bouldering Techniques

Interested in climbing but don't know where to start? Come climb with an instructor that can show you basic climbing techniques and tips while enjoying the wall all to yourself.
Thursday  |  April 12  |  8:15pm  | FREE

Native Texas Wildlife

With Earth Day just around the corner, stop by to learn about the commonly seen wildlife found in North Texas! Study indoors for half an hour, then explore a guided tour of UNT’s hidden native plant gardens across campus to put your knowledge to the test and look for all types of critters!
Friday  |  April 20  |  5:00pm  |  FREE

Kayak Basics

This fun introductory clinic covers basic strokes, wet exits and more. Perfect for both beginners and experienced kayakers! Be sure to bring a swimsuit - this clinic will meet in the OPC but practice in the leisure pool!
Wednesday  |  April 25  |  5:00pm  |  FREE