Types of Memberships

UNT Students

Rec Center PictureMost enrolled students are automatic members

Currently enrolled UNT students who have paid the Rec Fee are automatic members of the Pohl Recreation Center. A current UNT ID card is required for entrance to the Rec Center.

Students who are only enrolled in online classes, classes held off-campus, study abroad classes or other classes that do not meet on a regular basis on the UNT Denton campus do not pay the Rec Fee and therefore, do not have access to the Rec Center. These students can pay the Rec Fee directly to the Rec Center in the form of a continuing student membership (for the same fee that students pay).

Students who drop all of their classes or are no longer considered a student at UNT will be inactive in the Rec Center system and will not have access to the Rec Center.

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Faculty/Staff Memberships

Staff at poolFaculty and Staff are encouraged to join

UNT faculty and staff are eligible to purchase a membership to the Pohl Recreation Center. When joining the Rec Center, faculty and staff are encouraged to join the Faculty/Staff Fitness Program by completing a registration form. As a member of the Faculty/Staff Fitness program, full-time staff members are eligible for 20 minutes of administrative leave for one hour of daily exercise as approved by their supervisor (policy 05.058).

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Retiree Memberships

Faculty and staff who have retired from UNT and have a valid UNT Retiree card are eligible to purchase a membership at the Rec Center. Retirees are charged a reduced rate.

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Dependent Memberships

Dependents of UNT students, faculty, staff and retirees ages 16-24 may also purchase memberships. Parents of dependents ages 16-17 must also be a member of the Rec Center as children ages 17 and under require the supervision of a Rec Center member.

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Alumni Memberships

Alumni must be a member of the University of North Texas Alumni Association to purchase a membership at the Rec Center. A University of North Texas Alumni Association ID card is required at the time of purchase. For more information on the University of North Texas Alumni Association, please visit the UNT Alumni Association website.

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Plus One Memberships

weight liftingSponsor a friend

Plus One Memberships: Current and retired faculty and staff employees and currently enrolled students may sponsor one individual for membership defined as the Plus 1 membership type. Individuals must be 18 years or older at the time of membership, live full-time in the same residence as the sponsoring member during the term of the membership, and show written proof of eligibility and residence. Proof of eligibility and residence includes a current driver’s license showing age and residence, a utility bill or bank account jointly reflecting the name of the member and person being sponsored, or marriage license. The sponsoring member must appear in person each time the membership is purchased or renewed to verify his or her agreement to sponsor the individual and must sign the membership agreement but does not need to be a current UNT Pohl Recreation Center member. Individuals who misrepresent their eligibility for membership or who sponsor an individual who is not eligible for membership will have their membership permanently revoked and be subject to disciplinary action. No refund will be given when a membership is revoked..

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Membership Forms

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