Personal Training


Discover the benefits of working with a personal trainer. From designing a customized workout plan to providing ongoing motivation and support, personal trainers are dedicated to helping you achieve your specific fitness goals. Every new personal training client receives a complimentary fitness assessment with their personal trainer! Four reasons to have a personal trainer:

Trainers use a variety of effective workouts based upon your specific goals.
Trainers develop a program specific to your needs.
Trainers provide necessary accountability and motivation to maximze results.
Our personal trainers are nationally certified.

Session Prices

1 $28 $35
3 $69 $88
8 $172 $215
16 $340 $425

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Registration and Session Information

  • Register in the Rec Sports Office Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.
  • Personal training available to Rec Center members only.
  • Each session is one hour. Unused sessions expire one year from the date of purchase.

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Personal Trainer Bios








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Fitness Assessments

Fitness assessments provide information needed to develop reasonable and attainable fitness goals. The results of a fitness assessment can provide you with information useful in making possible lifestyle decisions.

Personal trainers conduct a number of tests including blood pressure, height, weight, body composition, cardio-respiratory, flexibility, muscular strength and muscular endurance to provide a starting point to your fitness path.

Fitness Assessments are free with the purchase of 1 or more personal training sessions (for new clients only).

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Body Composition Testing

Body fat percentage is a leading indicator of fitness level and disease risk. What to expect; a caliper is used to measure the thickness of skinfold at several sites around the body. Wear comfortable clothing. Students and Rec Center members only for $5.

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Weight Room Services

Need help getting started in the weight room? Weight room supervisors are always on hand for free weight room tours designed to introduce you to the machines and equipment available for use. Weight room supervisors can also act as spotters for weight lifting. Weight belts, bands and jump ropes may be checked out at the weight room desk.

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