Faculty/Staff Fitness

We promote a healthier lifestyle to enhance the well-being of our University employees. Whether it's aerobics, working out in our weight/fitness room or swimming laps, we offer an assortment of fitness and recreational activities for you to choose which are as varied as your own personal interests. Our goal is to help guide you toward the healthier and more vibrant lifestyle you deserve.

HR Policy

As a member of the UNT Faculty/Staff Fitness Program, a full time staff member is eligible for 30 minutes of administrative leave (up to three days per week) as approved by your supervisor. Participants must be a member of the Pohl Recreation Center. 

Faculty/Staff Events

Blood Pressure and Body Fat Testing

High blood pressure can lead to numerous other life threatening conditions, including heart disease, stroke and kidney failure. Body fat percentage is a leading indicator of fitness level and disease risk. Let us come visit your department and we will provide free blood pressure checks and or body fat tests! Contact the Rec Sports office to schedule your department.