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Membership Rates

Membership Dates

  • Maymester May 11-31
  • 10 Week June 1-August 8
  • 13Week May 11-August 8
  • Summer I June 1-July 5
  • Summer II July 6-August 8

Summer Rates

13 Week Maymester Summer I & II Summer I or II
Faculty/Staff $78 $19.50 $78 $39
Retiree $68 $15 $68 $35
Alumni $130 $30 $100 $50
Ages 16-24
$78 $19.50 $78 $39
Continuing Student $78 $19.50 $78 $39
Plus One $88 $28 $88 $44

Membership Requirements

  • Students must be enrolled in the current semester and are automatically members of the Rec Center through the Recreation Fee that is added to tuition. JUST BRING YOUR STUDENT ID!
  • Students may purchase plus one and dependent passes only one semester at a time.
  • Students who were enrolled in the previous semester, but are not enrolled in the following semester can purchase a continuing student membership (e.g. if the student was enrolled in the fall semester but not enrolled in the spring semester, a continuing student membership may be purchased).
  • Payroll deductions are available for faculty and staff at the beginning of each semester. Please visit the Rec Sports office for further details.
  • All members and their guests must follow all facility policies.

All membership forms (including payroll deduction) can be found here.