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Membership Rates

** Fall semester memberships, lockers, climbing wall passes, and unlimited group exercise passes are now discounted to half price!**

Fall Sessions

Annual Membership August 15 - August 10
2 Semester Membership August 15 - May 12
Fall Membership August 15 - December 23

Fall Rates

  Annual 2 Semesters Fall
Faculty/Staff $240 $180 $90
Retiree $210 $160 $80
Must present alumni membership card
$400 $270 $135
Ages 16-24
$240 $180 $90
Continuing Student  $- $- $78
Plus One
Of faculty, staff, retirees, and students
$260 $200 $100

Membership Requirements

  • Students must be enrolled in the current semester and paying the Student Recreation Fee are automatically members of the Rec Center through the Recreation Fee that is added to tuition. JUST BRING YOUR STUDENT ID!
  • Students may purchase plus one memberships only one semester at a time.
  • Students who were enrolled in the previous semester, but are not enrolled in the following semester can purchase a continuing student membership (e.g. if the student was enrolled in the fall semester but not enrolled in the spring semester, a continuing student membership may be purchased).
  • Payroll deductions are available for faculty and staff at the beginning of each semester. Please visit the Rec Sports office for further details.
  • All members and their guests must follow all facility policies.


Membership and Payroll Deduction Forms