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The Intramural Handbook

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Program Objectives and Division Descriptions

Intramural Sports provides broad recreational and competitive opportunities for the university community through team and individual sports and special event activities. Events are offered on a voluntary basis in all programs and scheduling is arranged to coincide with the participants' leisure time. These programs have been developed and are operated as an integral part of the total educational objectives of the university.

Information Sheets, Sport Rules, Results and Schedules

Information and schedules will be distributed to Intramural Team Captains through established communication channels as well as at team captain meetings. In addition, information can be found on Managers and captains are responsible for checking on entry deadlines, rule or date changes, playing times, etc. Regularly scheduled playing times and dates CANNOT be given over the phone by the staff to prevent misinformation given or received. Rules for all events and sports are available, upon request, at the front desk of the Recreational Sports Office and at Information sheets are distributed to all team captains and participants prior to the start of each season or event. It is the responsibility of each team sport captain to ensure that all members of their team are thoroughly familiar with all game rules. Nationally adopted rules are adhered to in each activity (i.e. USSSA, NCAA, NIRSA, USVBA). Local ground rules are established where modifications are necessary.

Intramural Divisions of Play

  • Greek Division is reserved for those teams and individuals under IFC and Panhellenic provisions.
  • Residence Hall Division is reserved for those teams and individuals living in university housing units.
  • Independent Division is open to all eligible UNT students, faculty and staff.

Intramural Competition Division

Divisions A, B, and Co-Recreation. Most team and individual/dual sports will be divided into two divisions:

A and B: — Separate championships will be held in both divisions. Team and individuals must designate which division they wish to participate in on the official entry form. Individuals and/or organizations should enter according to their skill level. If no division is designated, the Intramural program staff reserves the right to place the team in whatever division is convenient.

Description of Divisions

Division A—Individuals and teams in this division are very competitive and skill level of participation ranges from intermediate to advanced. This division of choice is for serious athletes and the primary emphasis is on competition.

Division B—Individuals and teams entered in this division are recreationally oriented. The primary emphasis is on recreational play, fun, exercise, and getting better acquainted with other students. Skill level of participants ranges from beginner to intermediate, along with some more advanced players.

Co-Recreation—Individuals and teams in this division compete on a recreational basis with the emphasis on having fun and socializing with other students. Skill levels vary from beginner through advanced.